1 March 2008

Woodbridge Airfield Saturday 1 March

Our first trip back of 2008 to Woodbridge Airfield with Javelin Track Days and what a day!
Gale force winds over night had removed all traces of cones by the morning and therefore no track to be seen! Thankfully some very early morning action by the Javelin crew put most of it back together before we arrived but with the strong wind persisting they decided that the main runway section would just be too windy to drive safely so we ended up with a shorter, but no less interesting track.
Drivers today were Martin Curtis and Jon Elsey, with two new boys to the Merlot, John Mellor and Jamie Tink.
We started off the day on Toyo track tyres but by lunch time the more severe corners of the shorter track were taking there toll on these so a sprint back to Martin’s for a replacement set of wheels and tyres was necessary. This made the day even more interesting. A morning session on the semi slick and an afternoon on regular road tyres showed up just how much the handling can change with a different tyre.
By the end of the day we had pretty much removed all the tread from the offside front tyre and worst still we were having a few problems selecting gears.

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