30 July 2011

Project Merlot "Black". Day 1

With a flat tyre and failed cylinder head gasket Project Merlot "Black" is loaded on to a trailer for its trip to Ely. Author of "You and Your Mazda MX-5/Miata" Liz Turner was sad to see the 1994 Roadster (NA8C-305014) go but excited to follow the progress of the car in the wheel tracks of Project Merlot "Merlot".

28 July 2011

Project Merlot is dead! long live Project Merlot...

After 5 long years of nothing more than outright abuse on race tracks, airfields and Club runs up and down the UK (and a trip to Le Mans) Project Merlot has finally been pensioned off! Yes, that's it, all over for the Special Edition Merlot.! All you guys out there who have driven it, (and that's a lot of people now) have driven it for the last time...

Never has there been a better advert for the durability and reliability of an MX-5 than the good old Merlot, but sadly the tin worm has won, so we've given up..!

But don't despair, because we have just rescued another broken car and Project Merlot "Black" will be hitting the streets soon, destination Silverstone on Saturday 17 September for the OC National Rally. There's a lot of work to do, but fortunately Team Merlot are able to turn it over to their tame mechanic, some say if it wasn't
for Project Merlot he might still be married and that in 5 years he's only changed the oil once! All we know is, he's called Roadster Robbie....

26 July 2011

Have you heard the rumours ?

Not much can be revealed yet but exciting things are happening a Merlot HQ, watch this space!

23 July 2011

The Snetterton 200

Back in February Project Merlot headed over to the brand new Snetterton 300 circuit and found it to be much to the liking of all those driving that day. On Saturday 23 July the opportunity to have a go on the shorter 200 version of the circuit presented itself and Project Merlot was there again. Ma5da Racing had very kindly arranged for a lunch time parade lap for MX-5 Owners Club members and whilst only 2 laps it was still a great drive and much enjoyed by all those who took part.

21 July 2011

4 Wheel Alignment

Project Merlot was today treated to a session on EMG Motor Groups newly installed 4 Wheel Alignment equipment. A John Bean "Visualiner" which has the latest technology in imaging alignment systems. It's able to measure Castor, Camber and Toe-in and give live readings for all 3 angles.

Due to Project Merlot's lowered suspension setup I was unable to obtain Mazda's settings, so even with the alignment completed some angles still show as red. I've set a bit more negative camber than spec which suits a track based car like Project Merlot.

The new equipment is a joy to use and gives accurate, consistent results.