11 February 2010

Starts on the Button

After standing, untouched since the MX-5 Owners Club's National Rally in September and through a very cold winter Project Merlot started on the button with not even a Jump start boosting its small AGM type battery! The alternator appeared to be seized, a fact pointed out by a loud squeal and smoke being emitted from a slipping drive belt. But giving the pulley a spin with a spanner seemed to free it off. I am thinking it may have been the massive charge load on the alternator casuing the belt to slip rather that a mechanical seizure... although the alternator was stationary with the belt spinning around it! I took the car into the Workshops at EMG Motor Group in Cambridge for a quick once over ready for the new season ahead.

Other than usual service items, I have decided to change 2 of the metal brake pipes which have rusted. The one that runs from the front to the back of the car is rusted where it passes though the plastic retaining clips. The clips tend to scratch the protective coating off the pipe exposing the metal which promotes the corrosion. The 2nd pipe is the one that runs from the right to the left side of the car accross the rear subframe. I think that this pipe is subjected to rusting due to its relatively exposed, lateral location accross the car.