9 April 2019

The dreaded MOT...

It's always a bit of a worry taking any car for an MOT and more so when the motor has been, how shall we put it, modified a bit, (and not all on purpose either!).

It does help though if you pick a garage out in the wilds of the Suffolk countryside and have a 40 minute drive on a lovely sunny morning on some twisty roads there and back. It has to be said that the drive back with the MOT pass safely stashed in the glovebox (yes, we do still have one) is much better than the rather nervous run over.

Cleverley Repaired Cars are our MOT testing station of choice these days as apart from the drive you are pretty much guaranteed a cuppa and a nice chat about MX-5s.

So that was that sorted for another 12 months, although it looks like we will have to be getting the welder out before the next test!

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