22 April 2015

Project Merlot takes on the Evo Triangle.

Many of you will be familiar with the Evo Triangle; a route in Wales often used by Evo Magazine for testing cars, as its simply a great driving route. Following the MX-5 Owners Club Spring Rally Project Merlot went on its holidays with friends in North Wales and had the opportunity to take on several circuits of the 20 mile triangular loop.
The roads in Wales in April seemed remarkably quiet. In fact deserted for the most part, which helped greatly, meaning Project Merlot could make the most of the open twisty, sweeping roads, all within the speed limit of course!. (never seen so many speed camera warning signs on such remote roads and the Welsh Police have a fearsome reputation for catching speeders!)
It did come as a bit of a shock however when we all joined the route for the first part of the run to by immediately accompanied by 3 police motorcyclists who looked like they may well dampen our enthusiasm.
We pulled in for a pit stop at the Llyn Brenig visitor centre only to be followed in by 6 police bikers in total! With 6 MX-5 drivers all eager to go for a serious blast we approached them to find out what they were up to; had they been alerted to the presence of us all and headed over to spoil our fun?
No, it turned out, they were on a training run and their presence was coincidental, in fact they even said they would prefer to be in the MX-5s rather than on the bikes.!
If in North Wales, and if you want a good drive, give the Triangle a try, you won't be disappointed.

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