6 October 2014

MoT or Bust!

Well, it's easy to overlook isn't it? And with more than 1 car to keep tabs on then it's even harder. Yes, I know, "make a note in your diary" I've done that now OK, so next time it won't get forgotten!

After all the fun of The MX-5 Owners Club fab rally at Gaydon it occurred to me that Project Merlot hadn't had an MoT lately, so it must be due soon. Turned out when the paperwork was dug out it was not due at all, but in fact was somewhat overdue! *cough*

So in an effort to put that right as soon as possible we called upon the services of Michael Cleverly at Cleverley Repaired Cars, in deepest Suffolk at Stradbroke. It passed of course, never any doubt about that, although Michael was uncomplimentary about its suspension set up with words something like; "the most uncomfortable ever in an MX-5"
I think he has a good point, but it works damned well around a race track.

Thanks Michael for coming to the rescue.

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