8 March 2014

Snetterton with the MX-5 Owners Club

Saturday 8 March saw Project Merlot right back where it belongs, no more shiney show car, no more muddy runs across farm land, but a day spent being thrashed around a race circuit. The MX-5 Owners Club organised track day at Snetterton saw 4 drivers take to the wheel of the Merlot plus a whole load of passengers, some getting their very first experience of an MX-5 at full throttle on a race circuit. Despite the low number of cars attending on the day there were still plenty of red flag incidents including a trip off the circuit by the Merlot which saw it wipe out a some of the track furniture which fortunately was not as hard as it looked as the car slid towards it, so no damage done. Some suspension adjustments followed and things improved after that and whilst there was one further short trip onto the grass later in the day nothing got in the way that time! But we did manage to get a black flag late in the afternoon but we think that was a case of mistaken identity as no one in the Merlot had been running on the kerbs and over the white line, (honest guv!)
A great day was had by all and I think it may well have rekindled the enthusiasm of the team for a lot more of this in 2014. 
Thanks to all those involved in making the day a great success; 
www.mx5oc.co.uk, for organising the day
www.mx5parts.co.uk for their continued support of Project Merlot
www.mazdaontrack.co.uk for their management of the day

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