11 September 2011

I Love My Chicken!

Merlot "Black" attended its very first event today when it took up a place on the MX-5 Owners Club stand at the Norfolk Gala Day. Its certainly looking good now, but we still have an issue with a bit of a smoky exhaust!

In a moment that would have been even better had someone actually had their camera switched on Eastern Region member John Mellor decided to check out the quality of the smoke whilst Robbie revved the engine.! John waved his hand in front of the tail pipe just as Robbie revved the engine. Rusult: one very black hand, Conclusion: its burning a bit of oil! Well it is Merlot "Black"

The other curious revelation is the front number plate which bears the rather odd message in the small print at the bottom, "I love my chicken" Weird or what ?

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