1 October 2010

Read all about it in Soft Top Hardtop.

The October edition of the MX-5 Owners Club magazine, Soft Top Hardtop will once again feature Project Merlot in a look back over the last four years. The original project team of Jon, Robbie and Martin give their thoughts on the past and on the future.

"One of the more recent
highlights for me has to be
going out on a track day
with my son Daniel driving.
I certainly never expected
that when we first started
on the project. And when
he managed to lose control
and spin the car on a
bend, it was quite a proud
moment for me!"

“At it’s first public appearance at the
2006 national rally in Lincolnshire, it looked fantastic and drew a great crowd. I loved driving it at Cadwell, which is my favourite circuit to
date. It was quite bizarre when a stranger in a petrol station after the event, recognised us.
He said ‘that’s the car that’s in the magazine it really does exist.’ Thinking about it, everything which we’ve done with it has been a highlight!”

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Strawbs said...

Just got my copy of Soft Top Hard Top and read the article. I love the idea of letting MX5 owners race your car to spare their own - I don't think mine will have that luxury! Most of the fun comes from throwing them about - roads permitting :)

Very impressed to see The Stig sat in it at Helmingham - did he get to drive it? If so, what did he think?