13 September 2008

A welcome return to Woodbridge

It had been a while but Team Merlot were back at Woodbridge Airfield for a Javelin Track day on Saturday 13 September.

Jonnie Boy reported the following in the MX-5 Owners Club Eastern Region Forum on todays drive;

That was the most fun I've had in Project Merlot for a long time. The car behaved impeccably again and nursed a couple of trackday virgins through their day - despite efforts to upset her.
The higher tyre pressures - intended to prolong tread life - made the rear a little tail happy, but in a fun and controllable style. I got some wicked powerslides onto the runway.
Rob, the Bridgestones seem to have cured the horrific understeer we used to get at certain corners, but i feel a LSD would still be a good investment.
I don't know what happened to Teresa, she seemed happy enough after a few laps with me but never wanted to go out on track again after her time with Jason. Sorry about your nails btw.
And James impoved beyond all recognition after his session with the racing instructor. I know that Merlot thanks you for investing that £20 too!
It's nice to know that Martin isn't the only one-handed knob-fondler in the East!
All-in-all it was a fantastic day with a great bunch of people, huge thanks also to Steve, Ian and Katie for bringing their track specials along and keep the ER Motorsport flag flying high.
Saturday totally re-ignited my passion for trackdays - I can't wait for the next one, although I do ache all over!
What i would give for a smooth track!!

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