5 May 2007

Woodbridge Airfield with Javelin Trackdays

The car did us proud again today. Whether it was the new suspension bushes (courtesy of Performance5) or the front strut brace (courtesy of Dandycars) or possible the alignment carried out on Friday (courtesy of EMG Cambridge) the handling was pretty much spot on. None of the tail happy slightly unplanted feel it had at Snetterton a few weeks ago. It may have also been down to the track as well. A combination of surfaces some smooth, some bumpy, really tested the suspension on the 2 mile track, but with out the really long straights and sweeping high speed corners of somewhere like Snetterton
I found it a very different experience than driving on a proper racing circuit, but still loved it, a brilliant day out. Thanks to Javelin Trackdays who organise the event at Woodbridge, which I can highly recommend if you fancy some track action.

Some photos

A full report to follow

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