26 April 2008

Woodbridge Airfield Saturday 26 April

Back again, for more action with Javelin Track Days at our home circuit, Woodbridge Airfield.
After the last time we visited Woodbridge, with Gales force winds and the resultant shorter track, this time we were back on a longer circuit, albeit with some changes from the 2007 layout.

Drivers today were Merlot co-owner Martin Curtis and retuning driver and sponsor, Chris Gage from Cambridge Area Training, together with two more Merlot virgins, Andrew Evans and Tracey Sparling. Just for a change the weather was kind to us, no showers, no wind and sunshine most of the day.

After all the hard work Robbie Marsh had put in during the Merlot’s April refresher this was actually the first time the Team had ever taken the car out on track without Robbie in support, as he was on holiday, and it was not without some trepidation that the first few sessions were undertaken. Jon Elsey came along but took on the role of official track photographer for the day leaving the car in the hands of Martin all day, who is not certainly not know for his mechanical skills! We need not have worried though as the car did not miss a beat all day long.

Tracey spun the car on her first trip out but undaunted carried on. Chris also had a spin, but had a really good excuse for us all when he retuned to the pits!
Martin tried in vain to get the car to spin, as he has done on a number of occasions, but it just doesn’t seem to do it for him, and it just ends up with something more resembling drifting. (but don’t tell Robbie!)

Hot pursuit!

Merlot and friends.

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