11 April 2016

Can you believe it!

Project Merlot is still much very alive and kicking, although most updates appear on the Facebook page now. www.facebook.com/projectmerlot. We are also now www.projectmerlot.com which is quite cool.  And what's really quite unbelievable is the project is approaching its tenth birthday!  So how are we going to celebrate?

Project Merlot leads the way at the MX-5 Owners Club Curborough Sprint 9 April 2016.

4 October 2015

The Strange Case of the Weird Noise.!

It had been going on for a long while, you know the sort of thing, that annoying noise, the one no one quite seems to know exactly the cause of, the noise that could result in much dismantling and greasing etc. and still be there. So it was with this noise, a loud "crack" from the front of the car somewhere, usually when driving over uneven surfaces slowly, so some sort of suspension noise was favourite. Previous attempts with grease in a few strategic places had seen it disappear for a short while, only to return, even louder and more annoying.

So it came to pass that Project Merlot attended an MX-5 Owners Club Tech day and this time the noise would be dealt with, once and for all.....

No messing this time, the front suspension wishbones were unbolted and removed, then all the bushes greased up, the washers were de-rusted, and greased up, and it was all put back together again....  So did it cure the "crack" this time?  well yes it did. Don't you just love a happy ending...

Here's Martin happily cleaning up random bits of suspension component... or he may have just been doing the brakes, but goodness, hasn't he got dirty hands...