17 April 2008

Refreshed for Spring

Project Merlot spent the first 2 weeks in April perched on a 2 post vehicle lift in the warm confines of the Cambridge Branch of EMG Motor Groups' modern, spacious workshop. The car has been undergoing some transplant & cosmetic surgery in preparation for the next visit to Woodbridge airfield with Javelin Trackdays.

A new clutch assembly kindly supplied by EMG Motor Group was installed along with a new gear change lever dust boot and the box filled with fresh 75W90 gear oil in an attempt to aid the failing 3rd gear syncromesh evident at the recent Woodbridge event. I also changed the clutch fluid.

A powerflow made cat-back exhaust system donated by Ady Neill (solargraphics.net) with a 3" tip now replaces the decrepid and failing Bosal system the car had been dragging around since the team had bought it.

Next, I removed the Axxis Ultimate brake pads from the front and fitted a set of EBC Green Stuff pads (donated by Eastern Region member Ailsa Thompson). Here it must be stated how well the Axxis Ultimates had lasted. After just one track day we were finding that Mazda pads were melting from the heat and needed at least a clean up and re-face before the next event. The Axxis Ultimates however have lasted for 5 events untouched and when removed, purely because they were looking a bit worn and we didn't want them to wear out mid event, they showed no signs of over heating at all. This is a brake pad I would happily reccomend and I hope the EBC's fitted now are as commendable. While the wheels were off I also changed the brake fluid.

The boot lid with its characteristic maybe even sentimental dents & holes has now been consigned to the skip in exchange for the new lid which was supplied by Dandycars and painted by DWR.

Project Merlot can be seen at Woodbridge Airfield with Javelin Trackdays on April 26th.

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