28 April 2007

What we did today.

It was a very busy day for The Merlot boys on Saturday 28 April.

The morning saw Jon dashing to Ilford to visit our latest sponsors Dandycars.com. Its great to have the support of someone else so enthusiastic about Project Merlot.

Martin's morning got of to a hectic start (selling a Fiat!) followed by a dash to EMG Cambridge with Jon to meet up with Robbie and pick up the Merlot for the start of the weekends work.

How can you get lost going to Woolpit? (Well we did!) The plan for the afternoon was to get a head start on The Eastern Region Tech planned for Sunday at which the Merlot was to get its new suspension bushes fitted (donated by Performance 5). The first set of bushes were easy and we began to wonder why another well know Mazda track car team found it so hard! When we got stuck into the second set from a rear lower wishbone we found out how hard it can be! We only broke the one 150mm heavy duty G cramp but the end result of an afternoon work planned to get one side of the car complete saw us get just half of 1 wheel done.

Nevermind, there is always tomorrow and with lots of help from the guys at the Tech day and fortified by lots of sausage rolls we will no doubt succeed (fingers crossed!).

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