28 November 2006

Weigh to go Merlot

Project Merlot has now been weighed! Having spent so much effort removing bits it was time to find out what we had achieved so the car has now been corner weighed. And the results;

251.5 (LHF) 269.5 (RHF) 232 (LHR) 236.5 (RHR) totalling 989.5 kg..

This makes Project Merlot about 10% lighter than when we started, about the same weight as a MaX5 race car. So 10% lighter, 10% quicker, just maybe…

1 comment:

Andy said...

Nice to see a MX5OC project car up and going. I'll be following this with keen interest.

And yes, these blogs are great for Fives.